Daniel Jefferson - 29.8.22

You wouldn't believe it, but a new jewelry brand called TANAOR is engraving the entire KJV Bible onto every jewelry in their collection!

What?!? I know.

In the last few months tens of thousands of people started buying their very own Nano-Bible Jewelry, which is TANAOR's jewelry collectiont that leverages cutting-edge Nano Technology in order to engrave all 3.1M+ letters of the Bible onto their beautiful jewelry pieces.
But why would you want to wear the Bible? 

Here’s 7 reasons why americans buy from TANAOR:

1. It's a beautiful & meaningful symbol and a reminder of your faith

You could potentially read the Bible from your TANAOR piece if you have a proffesional microscope at home (which let's be honest, you probably don't). But knowing that you and your loved ones can carry the Holy Bible close to you at all times, as a constant reminder of your faith and values.  

2. It comes with a certificate of authenticity from the TLV university

If you're skeptic (which I was too), you'd be happy to know that with your order you'll receive a certificate of authenticity from the Nano-Science department at Tel Aviv University that states that the entire KJV Bible is actually engraved on all of TANAOR's pieces. 

3. Made of 18K Gold, Real diamonds and 925 Sterling Silver

Even though nano technology is very new and expensive, and of course - TANAOR's pieces are made of premium quality materials  , their prices are way lower than I expected, and with the option to pay in up to 8 payments - it is more than affordable!

4. It's a gift that no one will ever forget

Imagine the face of your spouse, mother or father, or even your kid - when you give them a beautiful luxurious bracelet, and once they put it on, you tell them that it isn't a regular bracelet. You tell them how it contains all 3.1M+ letters of the Bible, and that they could actually read from it if they put it under a microscope!

I have done that myself, and I can tell you I've never seen them so moved and excited to receive anything as they were when I gave it to them. 

5. They have over 1,000 5-star reviews from verified customers

With the rise of jewelry stores selling low quality jewelry that arrives looking very differently than it did on the website - customer review are more important than ever. TANAOR has thousands of positive reviews on their website from customers that rave about the quality of the TANAOR's jewelry and tell incredible stories about their loved one's reactions to receiving one and much more!

6. They have many classic & modern designs for both men and women

TANAOR's collection is always expanding, and currently offers a wide range of bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings (all of them contain the entire Bible) for both men and women - so you can find the perfect design for your own style and preferance!

7. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee

If for any reason you are not happy with your order from TANAOR, you can simply contact them within 14 days of receiving the order and they'll provide a full refund and in addition pay for returning or exchanging the item!



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