5 Reasons Why Thousands Started Wearing The Bible

Meet the revolutionairy brand that uses modern technology to engrave the entire KJV Bible (Over 3.1 million letters) onto a small silicone slate. This slate is then embedded in every single one of their unique jewelry designs.

5 Reasons Why Thousands Started Wearing The Bible

TANAOR is a groundbreaking jewelry concept that utilizes modern science & technology to engrave the entire Holy Bible (3+ million letters) on a tiny slate which is then embedded in each of the designs in the TANAOR jewelry collection.



The Smallest Bible Ever Engraved On Jewelry

That's right! With the help of modern science & in collaboration with the Nano-Science department at Tel Aviv University, TANAOR is able to engrave the entire Bible (3+ million letters) onto a tiny slate which is embedded within each of the designs in the TANAOR collection.


A Constant Reminder of Your Faith

TANAOR's pieces aren't just beautiful. They allow you to keep the Word of God close to your heart at all times. They're a constant & tangible reminder that God is always with you, especially when times are rough and you feel like you're alone.


Comes With Certificates & Proof

The letters engraved in the jewelry are so incredibly tiny that they cannot be read with the naked human eye. That's why every piece from TANAOR comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Nano-Science Department at Tel-Aviv University, proving that the entire Holy Bible (Over 3 Million letters) is actually engraved on the jewelry.

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P.S. you can actually place the jewelry under a microscope and read the Holy Bible from it!


A Remarkable Gift

For 1000's of years,  giving jewelry to loved ones & relatives has been a symbol of love and deep appreciation. The innovative combination of the beautiful & classy jewelry designs, alongside the meaning of the Bible that's etched on each of them, makes TANAOR an astounding gift that will be used, cherished, and remembered for decades to come. 


70+ Years of Experience

TANAOR is partnered with "Moldawsky Diamonds” which was incepted in 1947. Over the years Moldawsky provided materials & gemstones to some of the world's biggest luxury brands. (Graff, MIKIMOTO, etc…). With Moldawsky’s help, TANAOR's pieces are designed to perfection and are created with only the best, purest, and finest materials.


Made of Real 18K gold, Silver & Diamonds

TANAOR's pieces are made of the highest & purest grade materials such as 18K gold, 14K Gold, 925 Sterling Silver & GIA certified diamonds. In addition, all of TANAOR's pieces arrive with a certificate of authenticity from Tel Aviv University confirming that the Bible is indeed engraved on the slate.


Giving back 10% with every purchase

TANAOR's mission is to make products that inspire people to do good and make the world a better place. That's why we're giving back 10% of all proceeds to charities & non-profit organizations that help populations in need by providing food, shelter and medical equipment.

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