The Good Eye Ring

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24 books of sacred texts, 1.2 million letters: The smallest ever version of the Bible is embedded into every piece of TANAOR™ jewelry - using advanced nanotechnology..

Our Good Eye Ring, equipped with the nano Bible chip, was designed to remind us to look at the world through rose-colored glasses and always assume the best in others. 

Bible Reference and Jewish Tradition:

"He who has a good, generous eye will be blessed" [Proverbs 22:9].

A "Good Eye" in Judaism designates an attitude of good will and kindness towards others. A person of this character takes an unselfish delight in the accomplishments of his fellow man and will always treat everyone favorably.

An "Evil Eye" (Hebrew: ayin ha’ra), on the other hand, denotes the opposite attitude. For this reason, many Jews would choose to avoid talking about personal issues and valuable stuff they own, and will just reply by saying b'li ayin hara - Hebrew for "without an evil eye".


  • Sterling Silver 925
  • 18K Yellow-Gold/ Rhodium plated
  • Pave Settings
  • Zirconia
  • Adjustable ring to Fit Most Finger Sizes
  • Elegant Silicon Box, Ready for Gift Giving or Receiving
  • TANAOR™'s Entire Collection Features the Smallest - Ever Version of The Entire Bible in a Jewelry and Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity 


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