Bond of Love Necklace - Gold & Diamonds collection
Bond of Love Necklace - Gold & Diamonds collection

Bond of Love Necklace - Gold & Diamonds collection

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The entire Bible (over 1.2M Ancient Hebrew letters) is engraved on our proprietery nano slates which are incorporated into all of TANAOR's designs.

** This piece of jewelry is made only by demand and therefore its delivery is up to 3 weeks.

Love is the treasure of Living – taking two lives, two hearts and joining them together in friendship united in love. This TANAOR pendant with the nano Bible Gold chip symbolizes the bond between two human beings becoming one. Love has the power to provide physical and spiritual protection to all who wear it.


- 14K Yellow Gold
- Nano Bible Gold Chip
- Diamonds: Total of Approximately 0.55 ct Round Diamond (189 Diamonds), D,E,F Color, High Purity
Box Chain
- Chain Length: 42 Cm (16 Inch) + 5 Cm (2 Inch) - Extension
- Bible Gift Box
- TANAOR™'s Entire Collection Features the Smallest - Ever Version of the Entire Bible in a Jewel and Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity

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You may see the Holy Scripture by using a professional confocal microscope with 100× magnification. Those microscopes are available mostly at laboratories in universities and museums.

** For text illustration you may scan the barcode on the Certificate of Authenticity that comes with every piece of jewelry from TANAOR™ Collection. 

It means that every letter of the Bible (all 1.2 million letters) and every chapter of the Bible are engraved into TANAOR™ nanochip.

You are entitled to exchange our products within 14 business days of delivery.

If you want to exchange for another style, you will be charged for the difference in price. All returned and exchanged items must be returned unused and in original packaging, and for all returned items you will be charged shipping costs.

Each piece of TANAOR™ comes with a certificate of authenticity by Rabbi Elihu Shannon confirming that TANAOR™ slate contains the entire Bible and has been also checked by the Nano Technology Center at Tel-Aviv University.

To view the certificate of authenticity from Tel Aviv Univeristy click here.

Moreover, TANAOR™ collection received a Halachic - Technical Certification from Zomet Institute that found that our jewelry collection is allowed to be wearn anywhere, even in a non-clean place.

To view the technical approval click here

TANAOR™ collection received a Halachic - Technical Certification from Zomet Institute that found that our jewelry collection is allowed to be wearn anywhere, even in a non-clean place.
Since the writing of the Bible text is miniature and cannot be seen by a naked eye, according to Zomet Institute, it is permitted to go everywhere with it.

To view the technical approval click here

All our items come with a silicon box, a black velvet and a Certificate of Authenticity. If you wish, for 9.99$ you can add a beautiful and elegant book box which makes a memorable gift for any occasion.

Nanotechnology is a cutting-edge technology that allows storage of dense information or materials into miniaturized spaces. 

By applying this innovative technology, TANAOR™ provides a contemporary interpretation of ancient engraving methods used to inscribe the earliest holy texts

A single nanometer is one billionth of a meter. That’s like comparing the size of an olive to the size of Earth.

Cleaning silver Jewelry is very easy-- all you need is a soft cleaning cloth to remove any fingerprints or oils that may have accumulated from normal wear.

From time to time and when needed, you may take extra special care of your jewelry by purchasing a quality silver cream, which is available at most jewelry stores, drug stores and even supermarkets.

We suggest avoiding any contact with water and all kinds of creams and body oils.

The nano Bible chip is made from silicon material and should be cared for like any other precious material (gold/silver). Therefore, no special treatment is needed, and you may use a soft cleaning cloth for cleaning.

** Please avoid any contact with water or other liquids.  

We recommend removing jewelry before showering, before going to bed and before participating in physical activities. Moreover, you should avoid any exposure of the jewelry and the Bible chip to cream and body oils, as well as household chemicals, perfumes, cleaning agents, chlorine and saltwater.

We advise storing TANAOR™ jewelry in its original package or in a cool, dry place.

TANAOR™ Collection jewelry is being sold in select important places, among them are world-renowned museums such as the Bible Museum in Washington D.C, the Israel Museum, and the City of David Museum in Jerusalem.

YES! The Book of Psalms is the first book of Ketuvim ("Writings"), the third section of the Hebrew Bible.

We offer different lengths available for your preference, however those bracelets cannot be adjustable.

You can find the measurements for all our bracelets on the product page.

All TANAOR™ items include a 1 year warranty. Any damage that may occur during the respective period (outside of from reasonable use) will be covered. Please send a clear image of the damaged item to our Customer Service Team and we’ll gladly replace it.

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