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24 books of sacred texts, 1.2 million letters: The smallest ever version of the Bible is embedded into every piece of TANAOR™ jewelry - using advanced nanotechnology..

People from all walks of life have one thing in common: they all want to have good fortune and to be blessed and protected, and this is exactly what this bracelet offers its wearer.
Choose your bracelet color according to your personality, taste and goals:
Black- represents power and elegance that absorbs negative energy while providing comfort and safeguard.
Red- represents fearlessness and bravery while bringing to the wearer good fortunes and luck.
Purple- is associated with transformation of the soul, expanding our awareness and connecting us to a higher consciousness while keeping us grounded.


  • Nano Bible Chip
  • Sterling Silver 925
  • Rhodium Plated
  • Black Color Cord/18K Gold Plated
  • Black/Red/Purple Color Cord
  • Pavee Setting
  • Zirconia
  • Adjustable Bracelet to Fit Most Wrist Sizes
  • Elegant Silicon Box, Ready for Gift Giving or Receiving
  • TANAOR™'s Entire Collection Features the Smallest - Ever Version of the Entire Bible in a Jewel and Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity  


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