The Trio Black Cord

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No less than 1.2 million letters of the Bible scriptures are minimized and inserted into a chip.

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This trendy men's cord bracelet with the nano Bible chip reflects the purity and protective energy of the holy scripture. Wearing this bracelet, which contains semi-precious stones "snowflake" and "malachite", will provide balance for body, mind and spirit while creating equilibrium between the head and the heart.


  • Nano Bible Chip
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Rhodium Plated and Set on a Black Color Cord with Natural Semi-Precious Stones ("snowflake" and "malachite")
  • Adjustable Bracelet to Fit Most Men's Wrist Sizes
  • Elegant Silicon Box, Ready for Gift Giving or Receiving
  • TANAOR™'s Entire Collection Features the Smallest - Ever Version of the Entire Bible in a Jewel and Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity 


Certificate of authenticity by Tel-Aviv University

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