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7 Reasons Why Thousands of Christians Are Buying Micro-Bible Jewelry

Every piece in this unique jewelry collection holds the entire KJV Bible (1,189 chapters) etched onto it using cutting-edge technology.

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The entire KJV Bible is engraved onto every piece

Premium materials handcrafted to perfection

Perfect for gifting: they're beautiful, meaningful, and powerful

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1. The entire Holy Bible is etched on them

Using cutting-edge technology, TANAOR is able to etch the entire KJV Bible onto every piece of jewelry they create.

These pieces are not only made to be beautiful. They are made to help you feel closer to the Lord, to be a source of comfort and strength, a daily reminder of what's truly important in life - no matter how hard things may be.

For centuries, faith-based jewelry has remained a symbol without a deeper connection. TANAOR changed that. Now, you can carry not just a beautiful symbol, but the entire Holy Bible on your neck, wrist, or finger.

What Our Customers Say

"I love my Tanaor nano-Bible necklace! It’s beautiful. And I love having the Word of God on me. It’s a constant reminder of His love. Thank you for making these!"

Jody D.

Verified Buyer

"Absolutely love my Nano Bible. I have one and I purchased one for a friend. The best gift you can give to a believer. To have the whole Bible on your wrist is truly a miracle. I won’t leave home without the word on my wrist."

Jim A.

Verified Buyer

"When I gave her the necklace, she looked at me with tears in her eyes to thank me for giving her the best gift of her life ! A truly special moment for both of us. I am so happy to have found Tanoar, and how proud I was to have made such an impact on her, to repay her for the impact she made on me during a difficult time."

Scott N.

Verified Buyer

2. They're a source of strength, encouragement and comfort.

Life can be tough sometimes. We all need reminders of our faith to help us through. That's what our Nano-Bible jewelry does. TANAOR's jewelry is more than just a beautiful accessory.

With the entire King James Bible etched onto each piece, it's a symbol of faith that goes beyond traditional jewelry. It's not just something to wear; it's a token of God's love that's right there with you, all the time.

His word will be your source of strength, hope, and comfort, guiding you through life's challenges.

Different from anything you've seen or felt before, TANAOR's jewelry isn't just worn; it's experienced.

3. They're a beautiful and meaningful gift idea

This isn't just a gift, it's an experience that will be remembered and appreciated for a lifetime.

With TANAOR, you're gifting more than a piece of jewelry. You're gifting comfort, inspiration, and strength, a constant reminder of God's presence and love.

Our pieces are designed in the Holy Land and handcrafted to perfection with premium materials, but the fact that they hold the entire King James Bible makes them the ultimate gift, one that they will cherish forever.


TANAOR vs. Regular Faith Jewelry

TANAOR is the original Nano Bible Jewelry brand, developed in Israel with the Nano-Science Center at Tel-Aviv and tens of thousands of customers worldwide.

Regular Faith Jewelry

Holds the entire KJV Bible

Only Symbols

Real 18/14K Gold, Sterling Silver, Italian Leather...

Brass, Copper,Nickle, Aluminum.

A memorable and unique gift

Unoriginal & overdone

50+ beautiful designs for men & women

Very limited design selection

Free shipping & returns

$10+ for shipping

Premium materials that don't irritate the skin

Low-cost materials that irritate the skin

Provides comfort & encouragement

Just looks nice

Our best sellers

Infinity Necklace



A forever favorite. A beautiful, elegant and modern design that looks stunning, and of course contains the entire KJV Bible etched onto it.


Serenity Bracelet



Whether as a gift for a loved one or a stylish design ou simply can't go wrong with our #1 Men's best seller The Serenity Bracelet.


TANAOR Classic Necklace



Simplistic, Modern, Beutiful. Our Classic TANAOR necklace is a long-time favorite, and of course contains the entire KJV Bible etched onto it.


The Cross Necklace (New)

Men's Cross Necklace





Women's Cross Necklace





The #1 Bible Jewelry Brand in America

Love Having His Word With Me

"I just love the thought of having God’s Word, Jesus, physically with me as well as spiritually with me. Plus the jewelry is beautiful!"

- Donna K.

Absolutely Beautiful

""Great packaging. Beautiful product. I absolutely love it. I love the fact that I carry the Bible with me plus it is a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Thank you""

- Mary F.

My Husband LOVED this

"Never thought this was possible! I bought this to my husband as a gift and he loved it. He wears it all the time and gets many compliments. Definitely a great find!"

- Liza N.

4. They’re handcrafted with premium materials

TANAOR’s pieces aren't cheap, and that's because when it comes to the Word of God, anything less than perfect is not enough.

When you're choosing TANAOR you're choosing top-notch quality. We meticulously craft each piece (whether made with solid 14K gold, 18K gold / Rhodium plated 925 Sterling Silver) by hand to perfection.

The attention to detail in the materials, from the premium metals to the fine Italian leather, sets TANAOR's quality apart.

Celebrate faith, artistry, and elegance, all in a single piece of jewelry.

5. They'll bring you tons of compliments

Our jewelry isn't just pretty to look at; it's a conversation starter. People will notice, and they'll compliment. A lot.

But then, you get to tell them what's inside: the entire King James Bible, etched with nanotechnology. Their eyes widen, and suddenly, you're talking about more than just fashion.

You're talking about faith, about Jesus, about the things that matter most to you. You're sharing the gospel in a way that's personal and real, all because of your unique piece of jewelry.

Wearing TANAOR isn't just about looking good; it's about spreading the Word, starting conversations, and making connections that go beyond the surface.

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6. They’re fully certified and authenticated

We created TANAOR in collaboration with scientists at the Nano-Science Center at Tel-Aviv University.

Every order comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Tel-Aviv University’s Nano Science Department, confirming that they have inspected our pieces under a powerful microscope and that they all have been found to contain the entire KJV Bible engraved on them.

Click here to view the certificate

TANAOR's founders Aviva & Magali Moldawsky at the Nano-Science center's in Tel-Aviv.

7. They're designed by jewelry experts in Israel (Since 1947)

TANAOR was created in the Holy Land by mother and daughter Aviva & Magali Moldawsky.

"Moldawsky" is one of the most respected jewelry & diamond companies in Israel that has worked alongside many of the world's largest brands since its establishment in 1947.

Our pieces aren't cheap, and that's because when it comes to the Word of God, anything less than perfect is simply not good enough.

That's why every TANAOR piece, whether made with solid 14K gold, 18K gold / Rhodium plated 925 Sterling Silver, is meticulously crafted to perfection and is also QA'd multiple times.

Celebrate faith, artistry, and elegance, all in a single piece of jewelry.

Free Shipping & Returns + Lifetime Warranty

At TANAOR, your happiness and satisfaction is our #1 priority.

That's why we've made it incredibly easy to exchange or return any item. Whether buying for yourself or a loved one, if something isn't quite right, we'll take care of it - no questions asked.

But we don't just stop there. Our jewelry isn't just meant to be worn; it's meant to be passed down through generations.

To stand behind this commitment, we offer a lifetime warranty on all our pieces.

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