About Us

We are a family of diamond and jewelry manufacturers, operating since 1946.

For over six decades, Moldawsky has been a market leader and trusted source of excellent gems, rare diamonds and magnificent jewelry.

TANAOR was founded by Magali Moldawsky, who follows in the footsteps of her mother, father, grandmother and grandfather in the world of jewelry. The family has a long history of creating and dealing fine jewelry and diamonds in Europe and the Middle East, and are known for their flawless settings and elegant design.

Trained as a lawyer, Magali decided to join the family business and create a new type of jewelry that reflects her family’s roots and connect peoples all over the world through the universal values of the Bible.

In 2018, working together with her mother Aviva, they launched TANAOR with the vision of creating a classic style with an additional layer of meaning through incorporating  the entire Bible in each piece.   

Today, TANAOR operates globally, with people all over the world - across religions and nations, cherishing their meaningful jewelry and the feeling of connection that it inspires.