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This Microscopic Bible jewelry is quickly becoming the must-have gift of 2023

TANAOR is truly a game-changer! It has over 2,000 5-Star Reviews!

March 06 2023 at 9:17 am EDT

With thousands of verified 5-star reviews, what is it this jewelry Brand that's making everyone want one?

Note: You'll probably never wear regular jewelry again!

People usually want new shoes, a new watch, or the latest smartphone. But when waves of consumers started clamoring for a Microscopic-Bible, analysts everywhere were scratching their heads, asking


Consumers all over America are trying to get their hands on TANAOR's revolutionary jewelry collection!

Janice's Story

Janice and her husband Bob have been wearing TANAOR for a few months now.

"Bob's birthday was right around the corner, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out the perfect gift for him." Janice tells us.

"Finding a gift he would actually like and use is virtually impossible! When I eventually ran out of ideas, I called up my friend Debra for advice, and that's when I first heard of TANAOR." she says.

"Debra told me about this new brand that uses some kind of technology to engrave all of God's Word onto beautiful jewelry pieces for men and women. She told me that her husband got her a new bracelet from them, and she absolutely loves it".

Janice was astonished.

She explains: "Bob and I grew up in a Christian household, and from a young age we were taught the importance of reading the Bible and living according to God's Word."

"Throughout our lives, we made a real effort to instill those values in our children and grandchildren, and we continue to make our faith a priority and a central part of our lives to this day."

Janice recalls "I knew this was just the perfect gift for Bob. I immediately went to TANAOR's website and placed an order for their best seller for men Serenity Bracelet, which is a black bracelet made of Italian leather."

Does Bob usually wear jewelry? We asked.

"To be honest, Bob is not the kind of person who would wear jewelry, but I knew that with such special meaning, alongside the elegant and sleek design, I knew he would love it.

Janice continues "I also saw on their website that they offer free returns & exchanges, so there was no pressure at all. if he didn't love it - I could always return it and get my money back" she explains.

"When I got the package, I was totally surprised" Janice tells us.

In the picture: TANAOR's 1# best-seller for men - The Serenity Bracelet

"I've had a few disappointing experiences ordering online in the past, so I knew there was a chance that the bracelet will look worse than it did online, but for the first time in my life - what I ordered actually looked BETTER in real life than it did in the pictures! It came with a certificate of authenticity, which was inside a Bible-like gift box."

Janice continues "I couldn't wait to see Bob's face when I gave him this"

"When Bob's birthday finally came around, I was so excited!! We celebrated at dinner with the entire family, and then it was time for gifts. Everyone gave their own gifts to Bob, and when it was my turn. I gave him the Bible gift-box, and told him to open it."

"At first, he didn't understand what was going on. I told him to open up the box and check out the bracelet. He immediately put it on and said it looks really good, but I haven't even told him the best part about it yet!"

Janice describes how it went: "Bob, do you see this thing in the middle of the bracelet?" he said "Yeah, what about it?" Janice explained: "The entire King James Bible is engraved onto it!" at first, he was confused "What do you mean? Is it like a thing you scan or something?" Janice had to explain again, "No, no, It's actually printed on it. You can actually read the Bible from the bracelet if you place it under a microscope"

At that moment, everyone went silent! It was like a scene from movie.

"What? How?! This is just unbelievable!" Bob said as he kept on looking at the nano-Bible chip on his new bracelet.

Janice tells us "In 38 years of marriage, I've NEVER seen him so excited about a gift! he usually just doesn't care, but this gift made him so emotional that I just couldn't believe it".

She continues "It's been 3 months since then, and he still hasn’t taken off his bracelet. He was so ecstatic! He kept thanking me and told everyone about it whenever he got the chance, and they were always blown away! It's more than just jewelry, that's for sure."

So... when did you get your own necklace?

"After seeing Bob's bracelet, I had to get one for myself too. The very next day I ordered the "Tree Of Life" necklace, which is my new favorite piece of jewelry. Not just because it's beautiful and gets me so many compliments (Not that it hurts of-course) but it's because of what it symbolizes for me"

"For Bob and I, wearing the Bible is a way to stay connected to God and his word throughout the day" Janice shares "even when we're not actively reading it, It's a tangible reminder of the truth and wisdom contained in his Word, and it's an incredible way to keep our hearts and minds focused on His love and promises."

You won't be surprised to hear that Janice's story isn't the only one. Thousands of people are buying TANAOR for their friends, family, and for themselves!

How can TANAOR engrave all 3.1 million letters of the KJV Bible on a single bracelet?

TANAOR's Co-Founders mother and daughter Aviva & Magali Moldawsky
inspecting their microscopic Bible jewelry in Tel-Aviv University's Lab.

TANAOR is a labor of love brought to life by a passionate mother and daughter duo. Meet Aviva and Magali Moldawsky, who were both born in Belgium and later moved to Israel - and ended up creating this incredible brand.

Aviva Moldawsky is a well-known and highly respected jewelry expert, crafting and designing high-end jewelry for high-end brands and private clients for over 35 years. Magali, her daughter, was a full-time lawyer before coming up with the idea for TANAOR and dedicating her life to pursuing it.

Magali was Inspired by a news story about Israeli scientists who successfully engraved the entire Bible onto a grain of rice using nanotechnology. Magali was amazed and immediately saw potential in the concept.

She believed that if she could use this very technology to etch the Bible on something much more practical than a grain of rice - a piece of jewelry, she could wear the most meaningful and lasting piece of jewelry ever created, deepening her connection to her faith & values.

After telling her mother Aviva about her idea, they decided to pursue their dream and try to make it a reality.

Following their shared vision, Magali and Aviva worked tirelessly for 3 years, investing all their time and money in order to successfully develop the Nano-Bible chip, which contained the entire KJV Bible etched onto it.

After years of extensive prototyping, traveling, and relentless research and development, they successfully created the Nano-Bible chip which they now embed into each of their stunning jewelry pieces.

What is the purpose?

TANAOR's mission is to bring all of us closer to our faith AND to oine another, through our shared beliefs, values, and love for the Bible, fostering a community that spreads love and makes the world a better place for future generations.

Every purchase from TANAOR helps make the world a better place with TANAOR's 10% donation policy.

They donate 10% of profits to charity and non-profit organizations. To date, TANAOR has donated medical equipment and thousands of hot meals for those who needed it most.

In 2020, TANAOR started selling their jewelry collection in Israel, and immediately started creating waves on social media and National news stations with their ground-breaking concept of merging technology & fashion with faith.

In only a couple of years, they have become one of the biggest jewelry brands in Israel, with tens of thousands of customers and numerous raving 5-star reviews.

Before they officially expanded to the US in 2023, many celebrities such as Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian, Kriss Jenner, Michael Douglass, and others have been spotted wearing a TANAOR piece.

TANAOR couldn't handle the demand of their US audience and have completely sold-out their best-selling pieces 3 times just in the last few months.

TANAOR's Co-Founder Magali explains: "We just couldn't believe the demand we are seeing. We are currently working to increase our production capacity. We simply weren't expecting such incredibly positive feedback and love. I really hope we will be able to increase our production rate to be able to handle the demand"

At this point, some of you may think,
"That's cool and all, but what is the point of having a Bible you can't read without a microscope?"

Well, I thought about it too at first, but then I read many of TANAOR's customer reviews, and quickly everything made sense to me.

With thousands of verified 5-star reviews, what is it that makes everyone want to buy from TANAOR?

Who would've thought a microscopic KJV Bible would become the best-selling product of the year?

With its recent launch in the US, TANAOR made huge waves on social media and in the news with their extraordinary nano-Bible jewelry, and have quickly become the world's largest Bible jewelry brand with tens of thousands of new customers every year!

Below are some of TANAOR's incredible benefits that helped make it one of the most popular products of the year.

It helps you share the gift of faith with your loved ones

The most incredible way to share the Gospel and love for God with your loved ones.

TANAOR is a super unique and meaningful present that represents your shared faith in the Lord. It is the perfect gift for spouses, family, and friends.

These pieces serve as a constant reminder of thier faith in both good and hard times, and it's a fantastic way for anyone to keep the Word of God close to their hearts.

TANAOR offers a wide range of jewelry for men and women, with a 100% money-back guarantee which includes free returns and exchanges!

That means that when you buy your loved ones pieces from TANAOR, you know for sure that they will love it. If for ANY reason they don't - TANAOR will give you a full-refund, no questions asked!

It will help you feel closer to God than ever before

TANAOR's pieces are specially crafted to inspire and strengthen your faith and connection with God, allowing you to feel closer to Him than ever before. As you wear these exceptional pieces, you'll find yourself experiencing a deeper, more meaningful spiritual journey.

TANAOR's pieces are a constant reminder of your commitment to your faith, helping you keep God at the heart of your thoughts and actions.

Many of their customers have reported a heightened sense of closeness with the Lord after wearing their jewelry. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the impact it can have on your relationship with God and witness the transformative power of His love and guidance in your life.

Unlike most typical jewelry brands, which focus solely on aesthetics, TANAOR offers an exceptional blend of style and spirituality. This combination of stunning design and incredible meaning, enabled by cutting-edge technology, is what sets TANAOR apart from any other brand in the world.

It's simply the go-to choice for those seeking a deeper connection with God and those who love to share the Gospel through their accessories.

In a world where fashion often lacks substance, TANAOR proves that it's possible to make a bold statement while staying true to your faith.

They are crafted to perfection with real 14K or 18K Gold.

TANAOR's pieces are on par with the most expensive luxury brands that sell their pieces for thousands and sometimes even tens of thousands of dollars.

TANAOR's partnership with Moldawsky, one of Israel's leading diamond companies, which has operated since 1947 and supplied jewelry and diamonds to brands like Tiffany, Graff, Mikimoto, and others, guarantees that you are receiving the highest possible quality.

When you buy from TANAOR, you're not only investing in a meaningful piece but also in one that is crafted to absolute perfection.

Made with the purest and most luxurious materials, such as pure 14K Gold / 18K Gold plating, Italian leather, or 925 Sterling Silver. each of TANAOR's pieces demonstrates the brand's commitment to quality and attention to detail.

The artisans behind TANAOR work tirelessly to ensure that every piece meets the highest standards.

With the backing of Moldawsky's expertise and reputation, you can trust TANAOR to deliver an exceptional piece of jewelry. TANAOR combines faith, beauty, and exceptional craftsmanship, delivering an unrivaled jewelry experience that is not only visually stunning but also deeply meaningful and worth every penny.

They give you a sense of comfort, strength, and protection

Most jewelry brands make jewelry that only does one thing - look nice.

TANAOR’s pieces are not only beautiful, but in times of uncertainty and stress, they offer you and your loved ones a much-needed reminder of God's promises.

They provide a powerful sense of comfort, strength, and connection to the Lord.

Each piece holds all of God's Word engraved onto it as a reminder of His guidance and support. When you wear a TANAOR piece, you'll always be carrying a piece of your faith with you throughout the day.

This powerful connection not only lifts your spirits but also empowers you to face life's challenges with renewed confidence. These pieces are more than just beautiful ornaments. They are a source of strength and reassurance that resonates deeply with anyone who values their faith.

They come with a certificate of authenticity (proof)

Each and every one of TANAOR's pieces arrives in a gorgeous package. But what makes these special packages even more meaningful is the certificate of authenticity included within.

This certificate, issued by the prestigious Nano-Science Center at Tel-Aviv University, is the assurance you need to know that your TANAOR jewelry is the real deal. The experts at the Nano-Science Center have
thoroughly tested TANAOR's pieces using a professional confocal microscope and have confirmed that they truly contain the entire King James Version of the Bible.

With TANAOR, you can rest assured that you're not only wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry but also carrying all of God's Word close to your heart at all times.

TANAOR is giving back

TANAOR's commitment to its mission to make a positive impact in the world - extends beyond its unique jewelry pieces.

In fact, they donate an impressive 10% of their profit to various non-profit organizations and charities.

This generous giving allowed them to donate thousands of meals and expensive medical equipment to those in need. By choosing TANAOR, customers not only receive a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry, but they also contribute to a greater purpose.

Through their purchases, they take part in TANAOR's mission to spread love, hope, and faith, making the world a better place for all. The brand truly believes in the power of giving back and is dedicated to living out its mission in a tangible way with the help of its community.

Oh, and it definitely adds flair.

Each meticulously designed piece from TANAOR boasts a unique blend of elegance, sophistication, and style.

These gorgeous works of art are not only meaningful and spiritually uplifting, but they also make a stunning fashion statement.

By wearing TANAOR you can effortlessly elevate your everyday look, draw admiration and spark conversations about your faith with others.

Now, you can truly express your beliefs while looking absolutely incredible!

Everyone seems to love TANAOR...

The amount of love and positive feedback TANAOR is getting online is unheard off!

Take a look at what some people are saying:

It's easy to see why TANAOR's jewelry is becoming one of the must-have items to have in 2023

Where can you get TANAOR?

TANAOR's Nano-Bible jewelry pieces are sold exclusively on their website .

Right now, they are offering up to
20% off their best selling designs on their online store for new customers!

**Update: Ever since TANAOR was featured on TV, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated, and they have since sold tens of thousands of jewelry pieces. Due to the brand’s rising popularity and positive reviews, many designs are constantly sold-out, However, many of their designs are now back-in-stock!

The brand is so confident that their customers will love it that they are now offering a 100% money-back guarantee with free returns and exchanges, in addition to their up to 20% off limitied-time promotion.

PLEASE NOTE: As a special limited-time promotion, the brand is now offering up to 20% Off + Free Shipping to all new customers on TANAOR's website.

This deal is time-limited and very exclusive, and it could be removed at any time, so act now to take advantage of this special offer!

Plus, if you aren’t totally happy with your TANAOR pieces, you can return them for a full refund. No questions asked.

TANAOR has received a lot of publicity so we suggest taking advantage of their sale while supplies are still available.

Please check their site to see if stock is currently available.


Click the link above to see if TANAOR is still offering up to 20% discount and free shipping

And some more reviews!

"Absolutely beautiful. This necklace was perfect for what I was looking for to signify my faith journey. I was very pleased when I opened the box to find a delicate piece of jewelry. I love that the nano chip reflects light and I’m so impressed with how small it is considering it contains the whole Bible! - Jade

"I love the thought of having God’s Word, Jesus, physically with me as well as spiritually with me. Plus the jewelry is beautiful!" - Donna

"It's amazing that I can carry the entire KJV bible on me. It would be even more amazing if you could make the same but with older, un-edited, more complete versions of the bible other than the KJV." - Renee

"I saw a colleague wearing one of TANAOR's bracelets and commented on how nice it was. He then explained the nanotechnology with the Bible in it and I just knew I had to get one for my husband. My husband doesn't really wear jewelry other than a watch but when I gave it to him he LOVED it and then I explained the technology behind it and he loved it even more. He wears it every day and gets lots of compliments. Thank you so much for this beautiful and wonderful creation." - Melanie

"I have the infinity necklace and I love it so much I decided to get another necklace. I love having the Bible so close to me" - Kathleen

"I am in love with this necklace. I love my God so much having this around my neck just makes me feel like I have my Amor on." - Eliza

"It's beautifully designed, dainty and lightweight, I not only read scriptures but now I wear the entire Bible and reminded of God's faithfulness" -Clarice



This is how customers rated TANAOR Based on over 2,532 Reviews.





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