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Wear Your Faith Proudly

Introducing the smallest-ever, version of the Holy Bible (over 3 million letters) engraved into stunning jewelry pieces.

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The Smallest Bible In A Piece Of Jewerly

You can follow the Bible and flaunt it too. Over 3 million letters engraved using cutting-edge nano technology.

Over 70 years of experience

We’ve partnered with "Moldawsky Diamonds” since 1947—who has been supplying diamonds & gemstones to some of the world's biggest luxury brands (Graff, MIKIMOTO, etc.) for decades. TANAOR pieces are held to the same high standards.

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5 Reasons Why You’ll Feel The
Connection With TANAOR

  • 1. Tangible Keepsake

    Keep the Word of God close to your heart at all times. A constant reminder that God is always with you, especially when times are rough and you feel like you're alone.

  • 2. Beautiful Gesture

    Giving jewelry is a symbol of love and deep appreciation. Giving the Holy Bible is a symbol of faith and protection. All together it creates for a remarkable gift.

  • 3. You Can Actually Read it

    The 3.1 million+ letters engraved in the jewelry cannot be read with the naked human eye but when you place it under a microscope you will be able to.

  • 4. Highest & Purest Grade Materials

    Made of real 18K Gold, 14K Gold, 925 Sterling Silver & GIA certified diamonds.

  • 5. Proof of Authenticity

    Each and every TANAOR piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, confirming that the entire KJV Bible is actually engraved on your jewelry.

There’s A Purpose Behind Your Purchase

Shine brighter than ever from the inside out knowing that 10% of your purchase is donated to support families in need as well as medicine and cancer research in Israel.

Free shipping

Free returns

  • HOW Does TANAOR™'S Nanotechonology work?

    At TANAOR we bring the latest advancements in technology to our jewelry, enabling us to incorporate the entire KJV Bible into each piece in our collections.

    By Utilizing Nanotechnology, We Are Able To Engrave The Entire Bible (Over 3.1 Million Characters) Into A Tiny 1x1 Inch Silicone Slate We Call "A Nanochip" Onto Which We Etch The Bible.

  • HOW Does TANAOR™'S Nanotechonology work?

    The creation of the chips requires seven distinct steps, including ultraviolet exposure and metallization. The end result is a chip that contains all 1189 chapters of the KJV Bible with more than 3 million letters.

    The text can be seen through a powerful confocal microscope with 1000x-10,000x magnification. Such equipment is typically found in universities and research laboratories.

  • HOW Does TANAOR™'S Nanotechonology work?

    The Nanochip is smaller than the tip of a finger, and looks very similar to a gemstone, thanks to it's reflective nature and the special coating we use.

    Nanotechnology refers to the use of matter on a molecular scale, and is a technology widely in use today for innovations across a variety of industries, including medicine, electronics, manufacturing, and now - jewelry.

  • HOW Does TANAOR™'S Nanotechonology work?

    We are so incredibly proud and excited to be able to offer this unique blend of innovative technology and stunning design that elegantly fuses meaning into jewelry, so people all over the world can enjoy the timeless wisdom of the Bible with classic style, and carry it with them always.